Blogs to check out!!!

Blogs to check out!!!

To all the women who have the courage, love and intention to care about the world and all those in it.

Women who light up the world–YOU!

Here are some blogs created by women. Some of these blogs are already wildly popular and some are little-known gems that you need to check out. Nearly all of them weave in the dimension of  social awareness and responsibility into their mix.

Always Well Within “is about transforming your mind, opening your  heart, and embracing the fullness of life.” Every post by author Sandra  Pawula is evocative, incredibly well written, and will touch your heart  and mind.

LifeUnity was created by Lisa Renee Wilson, an “Awareness Artist,” yoga  teacher, and mom. Lisa has written a couple of guest posts for me her the LLP; her unique blend of creativity and awareness is a wake-up call for the spirit.

Danielle LaPorte (formerly “White Hot Truth”) minces no words. As she puts it, “I’m interested in liberating truth,” and her writing on topics like business, creativity, and relationships sizzles off the page.

Susan Piver is a Shambhala meditation teacher and the primary focus of her blog is supporting your meditation practice. But even if you’re not a card-carrying Buddhist, don’t let that stop you from visiting her site. Her writing is warm and accessible — just like she is.

Cheerio Road Like Susan, Karen Maezen Miller is a Buddhist teacher (this time a Zen priest). And also like Susan, her blog will speak to  you no matter what your faith background. As Karen describes it, Cheerio Road is about “making peace with the laundry, the kitchen, and the yard.”

Global Service and Leadership may be of most interest to those of you who are working in the nonprofit sector, but her site encompasses more than that. You can always find some wise words there about social change, philanthropy, and yes, love.

Upcycled Love “embraces mindful sustainability as a path to personal  empowerment and cultural transformation.” Creator Lynn Fang’s eclectic background includes molecular biology, agricultural ecology, and playing the violin. A lovely place to find articles on everything from how to wash your hair with no shampoo to cultivating resilience.

One Garden Online – You might think this is a blog about planting seeds and growing food, but look deeper. Lauren Ayer writes, “…I’ve learned something very important: those things don’t stop with the garden. We need to cultivate sustainability, resiliency, and healthy choices for ourselves, our families, and our planet in all parts of our lives.” Katie Loncke’s blog is, the perfect intersection of spirit, politics, and heart. Katie describes it this way: “This is a public interactive journal where I share my thoughts on Buddhism, radical politics, and how I am trying to live both.”

108 Zen Books is a delightful mix of musings on meditation practice, art, and life. Marianne Elliot’s blog is a “watering hole for do-gooders, wanna-be do-gooders and recovering do-gooders.” Marianne’s own background as a human rights worker in Afghanistan as well as a yoga teacher has  prepared her well for this mission.