Class Materials

What to bring to Class #1:

a.) Please bring a blanket, yoga mat or other cushion as we will be practicing the body scan for the first two weeks, which is a lying down practice. You may sit for this practice if the lying down position is not best for you, so prepare accordingly.

b.) Wear loose fitting clothing for maximum comfort. Layered clothing is helpful.

c.) Please bring a water bottle or other personal accessories as needed. Extra water is available at all facilities.

d.) If you have a particular physical or other condition that requires special considerations, please let Diana know or feel free to email or phone beforehand at (760) 310 2920.

e.) Class will begin promptly. If you arrive late, please make your own way into the group area, entering quietly and taking the seat nearest the door.

f.) You may want to bring a spiral or other bound notebook as you may choose to write personal notes and have the weekly paperwork easily available through the week.

g.) Each week, practice forms, other writings and additional information will be offered. This is to expand the practices and discussion offered in the class and is not required reading for the course. Diana will be emailing several times a week with suggestions, check-ins and other mindful thoughts. If you would prefer not to receive these, please let her know.

h.) Recommended reading for people to review the introduction section of the course text: Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. This text is NOT required during the course but is a helpful resource for those who have the time and inclination to read further about mindfulness practice. However, reading is not a substitute for practice and cannot replace the practice experience.

i.) If you are planning to take the course but cannot attend a specific class, please contact Diana ASAP so that we can make sure you receive assigned practices and any necessary info.

j.) Please click here for information on the Insurance reimbursement process.